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Cow in Manure Pit
By Patrick McCardell
Jun 2, 2014 - 5:42:00 PM

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Today around 12 o'clock crews from Sta. 59 were alerted to a public service call for a cow in manure pit. Fire Police Lt. McCardell arrived on scene and updated county that it was an underground manure pit under the barn, county then updated Rescue 59 which was in route to the scene. Once arrived on scene the Rescue crew and Deputy Chief Hicks determined that in order to get the cow out of the pit we would need a tractor to lift her out. A local company arrived on scene a short time later with a petibone tractor to assist with hauling the cow up out of the hole. Command also requested a EMS unit to the scene as firefighters were going to enter the underground pit which contains methane a lethal gas that can be deadly. Once suited up with SCBA and properly tied off with rope the crew of 2 firefighters entered the pit to secure the cow with rope and a harness. Crews also monitored the gas level while the crew secured the cow. Units were on scene for about 3 1/2 hours.
Crew in the Manure Pit

Our patient is OK!

Firefighter Rohrbach monitoring air quality

Manure pit crew after cow was safely removed

Deputy Hicks assisting with removal of the cow

Manure pit were the cow fell in

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